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Healthy outside starts from healthy inside.
Prevention and wellness are our goals. You're unique so our nutrition plans are individualized.

1. Weight loss diet plan
For those who want to reduce weight gradually and permanently and look better
2 .Diet plans for Heart patients-
For those who are recovering from heart attack
Who have high blood cholesterol
Who have high blood pressure.
3. Diabetic diet plans
For normalizing blood sugar levels and weight
For women suffering from gestational diabetes ( diabetes during pregnancy)
4. Diet plans for a healthy gut
For People with digestive complaints such as bloating or gas problem, ulcerative colitis and GERD
( acid reflux)
5. Diet plans for PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)
6. Diet plans for liver disease
People suffering from alcoholic, non- alcoholic liver disease and cirrhosis 
7. Diet plans for kidney diseases

8. Diet plans for cancer patients
For patients on radiation and chemotherapy who are struggling to meet the nutrition needs and maintain weight.
Follow up diet plans for prevention of reoccurrence. 
9. Diet plans for wheat allergy and lactose intolerance 
10. Diet plans for hypothyroidism
11. Diet plans for weight gain
12. Diet plans for pregnancy and post pregnancy

“Create healthy habits not restrictions”.
We would love to welcome young men and women who want to prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart problems associated with obesity. 

•We will assess their diet; 
•provide them with healthy diet plans 
•Provide them with nutritious recipes according to their individual needs.